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  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Ware
    Aluminum Alloy Kitchen Ware
    Small Living Electrical Appliances

    Stainless Steel Kitchen Ware

    Master Group possesses considerate personalized care-based design and professional bottom-compositing technology, can provide you with world first-class stainless steel kitchen ware and bring about different experience for you pursuing fashionable high-quality life.

    Aluminum Alloy Kitchen Ware

    Master Group possesses leading anodizing and dust-free coating technologies, its aluminum alloy kitchen ware such as non-stick pan have entered thousands of families and can make you cook without worry.

    Small Living Electrical Appliances

    If you pursue Western-style romance and delight of life, small living electrical appliances of Master Group can take on brand-new cooking culture and life attitude for you!

    Magnetic-tape-driven Milk Foam Machine

  • MMF-915
  • MMF-912-1
  • MMF-912-2
  • MMF-909
  • MMF-908
  • MMF-902
  • MMF-903
  • Motor-stirred Milk Foam Machine---Big-cup Series

  • MMF-609
  • MMF-608
  • MMF-605
  • MMF-603
  • MMF-618C
  • MMF-618B
  • Motor-stirred Milk Foam Machine---Small-cup Series

  • MMF-218
  • MMF-217
  • MMF-808-V2
  • MMF-5220
  • MMF-5119-V2
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